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Nehal Bhansali began learning yoga and meditation as a way of slowing down and becoming more centered. A mother of two, she gave up a successful career as an occupational therapist and head of the rehab department (specializing in stroke rehabilitation) at the Specialty-Cornerstone Hospital in Austin, to turn towards a more present way of living. Inspired by the spiritual teachings of ancient gurus, Nehal embarked on a spiritual journey through the practice of yoga. 


Nehal has trained with leading exponents of yoga in India and deepened her understanding of Patanjali’s yoga sutras, asana practice, pranayama, the power of mantra and chakra alignment, and meditation as well as yog nidra (deep relaxation). She has also continued to refine her knowledge and practice of the 8 limbs (ashtanga) of yoga. In 2010, she completed the 200-hour formal teachers training program, and started ‘Pranayoga Therapy’, to provide an individualized, holistic therapeutic program, for clients with physical, mental and emotional conditions. 


Nehal’s commitment to her practice of yoga and meditation was put to test when in 2012 she was diagnosed with a viral onset acute illness that led to cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure. She complemented conventional therapies with what she had the utmost faith in - yoga and meditation for healing. Today, she functions at near-normal capacity, despite the progressive nature of her disease. Her spiritual journey has blossomed further; she continues to share her story and support all those who are on a similar quest: to be present and to make yoga and meditation a part of everyday life. 

Nehal Bhansali OTR, RYT

Occupational Therapist

Certified Yoga Therapist

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