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Coach Tan Tran

Certified Martial Arts Instructor
Certified Fitness Trainer

As an exponent of martial arts, Coach Tan understands the importance of the body-mind connection. Coach's love for fitness began when he started to learn kickboxing at the age of seven. Since then, he has trained in various styles of martial arts, including Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, and Muay Thai. He believes that the most important aspect of martial arts is that it teaches the body, mind, and spirit to come together as one, allowing the practitioner to become more balanced and complete. This centering gives one the ability to function at the fullest and cope with life and its many challenges in a calm, mindful way. He encourages his students to live by his philosophy.

Coach Tan brings his martial arts sensibility to his work as a high school basketball coach. He has been training and mentoring basketball players for over 12 years now, motivating his players to embrace a holistic perspective towards their development as athletes. With his combined experience in Martial Arts and Basketball, Coach Tan works to change people’s lives in the most simplest yet effective ways. He believes that everyone has a right to good health and happiness – inside and out.

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