Pitta Dosha

Pitta is "that which produces heat or anger". In nature, Pitta is like the sun’s heat, giving light and transforming things. It is the heat or transformative energy in the body.



Fire and Water


Hot, sharp, oily, light, mobile, smooth

Bodily Functions

Pitta helps us to think, discriminate, be confident, have a clear vision, speak to the point, and see different things and colors, digest food, maintain body temperature, protect from excess heat and cold, and give luster to the skin.


Main Location in the Body

Red blood cells, skin, muscles, digestion, vision.


Balanced State

Mind – Focus, intelligence, leadership, memory, discrimination

Body - Metabolism, good digestion & assimilation.

Imbalanced State

Mind – Anger, irritability, hate, controlling, hot temper, overly critical

Body – Acid reflux, heart burn, diarrhea, acne/skin inflammation, hypertension, nausea, migraines

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